~|To all my non-arabic friends and visitors|~


May the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Allah be Upon You


Hello everyone, and welcome :

Lately I received some messages from many persons ( not that many though 😛) who have some interests about some subjects at this site in particular and of course Palestine in general ,some of those friends don’t know Arabic and some others are Arabic but Foreign born , so they have some issues with understanding  all /some of what am publishing here and even if they try to use google translate or any other translation site the script won’t be 100% correct and it will have many phrases they can’t understand .

This site is talking about Palestine the historical Palestine ) history and story , it also contain information about the history of all Palestine major cities , some news and even national Palestinian songs or/and Arabic ( and maybe some English soon ) , some articles about general subject about Palestine Arabic Islamic and even international news related to the general cause for sure , it also talking about the story of the Israel occupation for the Palestinian people land and the suffering  of those people after that , it talk about their rights , their dreams , their demands , also this site does not admit the state of Israel and he was and still considering it as an occupation of other peoples land , and please take notice that the writer does not belong to Hamas or hizbo allah or any other religious or political organization at all , oh and one more thing am not a guy with a long beard and short dress who want to blow everything around  , am just a guy who got kicked from his  homeland by occupation ,  gun power and terror .

I may try to post some of the main subject in English if its necessary , cant promise much though my time does not allow me to do much here , but at least I hope that would help a bit ,and i apologize about any grammar or spell mistake u may found, but I hope that you can at least get the idea .

Thanks for the nice messages and for the care and concern .


May peace be upon you all the time